Promo video for Wirksworth Based Estate Agent…

Back in May I was asked to produce a short promo video for an estate agents based in the historic Derbyshire town of Wirksworth. For this project I used a variety of techniques as well as the drone for some aerial footage. For more information and to discuss your filming or photographic project please feel free to contact me on 07870864031.

Not just drone photography and video.

As well as offering an aerial photography and video service to Derby and the surrounding area I also offer other services such as video editing, time-lapse photography and also a regular photography service. All three of these skills came in handy for a recent project I was working on for a client in Wirksworth in Derbyshire.  The  short video that I made for a client based in Wirksworth consisted of various filming techniques including time-lapse and some aerial filming with my drone. Most of the footage was filmed in Wirksworth with some additional shots being filmed in the surrounding towns of Cromford and Matlock. Wirksworth in particularly is a beautiful town with some lovely old buildings, the town itself is surrounded by green rolling hills and also some nice abandoned quarries. Wirksworth also has a thriving arts scene with many artists based in the town. The annual Wirksworth Arts Festival is certainly worth a visit.
To find out more about the services I offer, head on over to my photography portfolio or my Linkedin profile.

The Woodland Trust…Young People’s Forest.

Last week I was involved in a high profile launch of the Young People’s Forest near Heanor in Derbyshire with The Woodland Trust. Over a hundred young people gathered on a former coal mining site as they planted the first trees of Britain’s first Young People’s Forest.
The weather was perfect for capturing aerial views of the site which will be  transformed into a 400 acre woodland, and also for capturing an aerial shot of the young people spelling out YPF (Young People’s Forest).

Make your campsite STAND OUT from the crowd…

Over the previous year I have helped many small business’s including numerous campsites stand out from the crowd by providing them with stunning aerial photography and videography for their websites and marketing campaigns. Now that Easter is well and truly out of the way and the spring like weather has arrived isn’t it about time to make your business whether its an Airbnb rental, campsite or holiday cottage…

As well as helping many small business’s over the year I have also helped numerous private individuals sell their homes by providing stunning interior, exterior and aerial photography for them to use for their property marketing campaigns. For more information and to discuss your photographic requirements please feel free to contact me on 07870864031.

Cost Effective Aerial Roof Inspections…

At Derby Drone Photography our drones can reach difficult areas with ease. Using a drone is quick, safe and very cost effective compared with hiring a cherry picker or expensive scaffolding . What used to be  a difficult and expensive task to undertake can now be achieved much more cost-effectively by using using our remotely piloted drone. A roof inspection using a drone is the perfect way to see if you have missing roof tiles, blocked gutters or chimneys that need repairing.


Provision of 4K and high resolution images of roofs, chimneys, towers,  wind turbines, church spires are now very cost effect option for business’s.

For more information and to discuss your project in more detail please call me now on 07870864031.

Drone Photography…Perfect for the construction and building industry.

This image was from a recent shoot for a construction company working on a large scale renovation project. To change your perspective and to make your construction projects stand out from the crowd hire a CAA Approved drone pilot.
For more information and to discuss your construction project call me now on 07870864031 or use the contact page.
Already finished your building or construction project…hire me to make you property stand out from the crowd with spectacular interior/exterior photography. I also specialise in producing floor plans of properties.
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Professional Drone Photography For Estate Agents…







Drone photography…perfect for a property like this.
CAA Approved drone pilot and freelance property photographer.
Make your property stand out from the crowd.

Winter Flying…






One of the biggest problems of flying a drone in winter months is battery management, with this in mind I was keen to do a few trials (nothing too scientific) with the recent cold and snowy weather. During these tests it was very obvious that the cold temperatures significantly reduced the battery life of batteries that had not been kept warm in my pockets compared with batteries that had been kept warm in my pocket. I would say battery life was reduced by about 20% on a cold day off 0C. Remember if the temperature drops to below 0C you should stop flying immediately. I encountered no other problems but I was extremely cautious as I have heard stories of drones falling out of the sky with little or no warning. Some drones nowadays have self heating batteries like the Magic 2 Enterprise for example.

It is also important to dress correctly…wrap up warm and wear gloves (flying with cold hands could result in loosing control) and a hat, being exposed to the cold can make you feel tired and loose concentration.



Great start to 2019 with various assignments already completed for estate agents and private clients in Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

For more information regarding professional property photography please get in touch or call me on 07870864031.