The Woodland Trust…Young People’s Forest.

Last week I was involved in a high profile launch of the Young People’s Forest near Heanor in Derbyshire with The Woodland Trust. Over a hundred young people gathered on a former coal mining site as they planted the first trees of Britain’s first Young People’s Forest.
The weather was perfect for capturing aerial views of the site which will be  transformed into a 400 acre woodland, and also for capturing an aerial shot of the young people spelling out YPF (Young People’s Forest).

Winter Flying…






One of the biggest problems of flying a drone in winter months is battery management, with this in mind I was keen to do a few trials (nothing too scientific) with the recent cold and snowy weather. During these tests it was very obvious that the cold temperatures significantly reduced the battery life of batteries that had not been kept warm in my pockets compared with batteries that had been kept warm in my pocket. I would say battery life was reduced by about 20% on a cold day off 0C. Remember if the temperature drops to below 0C you should stop flying immediately. I encountered no other problems but I was extremely cautious as I have heard stories of drones falling out of the sky with little or no warning. Some drones nowadays have self heating batteries like the Magic 2 Enterprise for example.

It is also important to dress correctly…wrap up warm and wear gloves (flying with cold hands could result in loosing control) and a hat, being exposed to the cold can make you feel tired and loose concentration.


Property Photography…

I have just come back from spending 8 days in Portugal photographing a stunning property for a private client. Not only did I have the privilege of photographing this beautiful property I also had the privilege of staying here as well. Located in the hills above Faro in the Algarve the property has stunning view of Cerro do Guilhim and far reaching views to the sea. The ancient fishing port of Olhão is also visible as well as The Palace of Estoi and the ruined Roman villa of Milreu.


Over the past week I have had a couple of very positive reviews come in for my drone services on 

“Scott came out to our campsite with his drone to take some videos of our camp site so we can put it onto our website. Our customers can really get a feel for the caravan site and where they will be camping and where the amenities are. He was very professional and communication with him was excellent. We would highly recommend him.” Liz, Middlehills  Farm Campsite, Derbyshire.